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Payment Methods

How To Buy Telegram Subscribers With Bitcoin

You can easily buy Subscribers Bitcoin Payments, and without any restrictions, order your subscribers with Bitcoin is one of the best ways to pay and is the safest way to send money. So visit the telegram service page and order the package that you are looking for. After choosing a package, contact us through the telegram and get the Bitcoin payment code.

How To Buy Telegram Subscribers With Ethereum

Buy Subscribers and Telegram Services via Ethereum is look like Bitcoin, and should pay the package price through your Ethereum wallet, and then let the company staff know your order by contact in Telegram and they will send you screen shot of the channel's progress steps.

How To Buy Telegram Subscribers With PayPal

PayPal is a secure way to buy Telegram subscribers that you can easily pay for your package. To do this, you can get the PayPal profile of the company and then pay for your desired expense. Then notify the company personnel to register your order. PayPal is the best option if you can’t pay via Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How To Buy Telegram Subscribers With Skrill

Finally, if you have a Skrill account, you can purchase the package you want. Scrill Wallet is one of the best and most secure virtual wallets you can buy. To do this, you can check the skrill payment details through the telegram and pay for that order.

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